Bakudan(TM) Bakudan(TM) Bakudan(TM)

Drop shot fishing (aka down shotting or undershotting) involves a hook tied to the main line with a weight affixed to the long tag end of the hook knot. The cornerstone of the method is a weight that attaches quickly and easily to the dropper with no knot, and which separates at the point of attachment should it get hung up, with slightly less pull on the line than it would take to break the line at the knot. This allows the angler to re-rig quickly and get right back to fishing, and also to adjust the weight. s position on the dropper, to control how high above bottom the lure is suspended.

The original and most-asked-for drop shot weight -- the BakudanTM -- is a product of Lunker City Fishing Specialties, and is available in 3 distinct shapes, and in sizes covering a range from 1/8 to 1 ounce! Lead free models are also available.

  Rich Rotzal used a 4inch worm drop shot rigged with a 1/4 oz skinny Bakudan weight to take this Autumn bass.

One of the primary advantages of the drop shot method is that it allows the angler to fish a suspended, unweghted plastic lure in deep water.An unweighted plastic lure has very fluid and natural movements when allowed to drift on a slack line. But waiting for an unweighted lure to reach bottom in deep water is a low percentage approach. With a drop shot rig, the weight takes the lure down quickly, but once the weight is on the bottom, it is "out of play" so to speak. Drop the rod tip a bit to put the slightest bit of slack in the line and jiggle it. The bait has the appeal of a weightless lure, despite the weight of the sinker!

Additionally, since it's the weight that is in contact with the bottom and cover rather than the hook and lure, the important part of the line -- the part between you and the fish -- isn't subject to the abrasion and damage that the dropper is.

The length of the dropper to the weight is variable. Typically, the weight is set between 1 and 3 feet below the hook, although especially in casting situations, it is increasingly common to find skilled drop shot anglers setting the weight within 6 to 8 inches of the hook. But the drop shot technique is also perfect for instances when fish are suspended much higher off bottom, simply by tying the rig with a longer tag end to create a longer dropper between hook and weight.

Pass the tag end of the line through the swivel eyelet and pull up to cinch the line into the gripping slot.
Simply pass the tag end of the line through the Bakudan's swivel eyelet and pull up to cinch the line into the gripping slot. Should the weight become snagged, a steady pull on the line will break or slide it off, leaving the rest of the rig intact, to quickly replace the weight and get back to fishing.

Drop Shot fishing has traditionally been the realm of small, "finesse" style soft plastic lures. Lunker City's 3" & 4" Slug-Go® and a variety of similalrly sized plastic worms ans specialized drop shot baits. Lunker City's 4.5" "RibsterTM, was designed by Herb Reed and drop shot guru Rich Zaleski as both the ideal drop shot bait and perfect jig-worm. These baits are ideal for traditional, finesse style drop shotting. But don't ignore larger baits and non-traditional applications -- especially with the Magnum BakudansTM that can help you fish faster and deeper into cover with heavier tackle. Drop Shotting Texas rigged or Texposed creature baits like the OzmoTM and larger Fin-S Fish® in heavy hydrilla or milfoil or on timber infested flats can be the key to tourney winning catches.

Drop Shot lures are usually either nose hooked or Texposed. We recommend the Stitchin' hook as a good, sharp and strong, all around choice for nose hooking, and the patented TexposerTM for Texposed applications. When tying either hook, it's important to set it so that it projects out from the standing line with the hook point up. Attach the hook with a palomar knot, and after snugging the knot down, pass the long tag end through the hook eye from the top side, then attach your bakudan to the tag end.

As the U.S. angling community has applied American ingenuity to the technique, drop shotting has begun spreading from its deep water bass fishing roots to walleye rigging, stream steelhead fishing, crappie fishing and inshore saltwater, especially for fishing grassy flats with soft plastic lures or live bait. The Bakudan is perfect for any application where bait or soft lures are suspended above bottom or submerged cover.