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New!! -- Belly Weights
Belly Weight Belly Weight rigging

Lunker City Fishing Specialties' revolutionary, patented Belly Weight™ allows the angler to add weight directly to hooks, spinnerbaits, jigs, etc., on the fly, as conditions dictate.

Ideal for using today's modern swimbaits with your favorite hook, instead of being forced to lock in on a pre-weighted hook.

  • Add or change weight in seconds!
  • Cannot harm line as weights crimped to line do.
  • No extra knots to tie or to weaken the line.
  • Can easily be added after plastic lure lure is threaded on hook.
  • No need to remove lure from the line to add weight.
  • No need to tie on a new lure when conditions call for a different weight.
  • Weight position under hook balances lures and acts as a keel.
Made in USA
BellyWeights™ order info
Each package includes the necessary
Weight Keeper™ O-Rings for the quantity of
Belly Weights™ included.
00160 1/16 oz. 5/bag3.39
00161 1/8 oz. 5/bag 3.39
00164 3/8 oz. 4/bag 4.19