Until now, no attempt at building a self-sinking soft stick bait has ever attained the erratic, strike triggering, injured baitfish action of the original soft stick bait -- Herb Reed's original Slug-Go®. Despite hundreds of attempts to copy it, no other lure has ever quite captured Slug-Go's® darting, erratic action. Reed has now combined the patented, original Slug-Go® with a special plastic formulation containing the highest concentration of salt in the industry, to produce the SINKING Slug-Go®!

SINKING Slug-Go® looks like a Slug-Go.
SINKING Slug-Go® darts and quivers like a Slug-Go.
SINKING Slug-Go® is a Slug-Go.

On the pause or on the dead drift, SINKING Slug-Go®! sinks down into the fish's world faster and deeper, with the subtle wiggle that only a bait made of soft, sinking material can achieve.

And when a fish latches on to that soft and salty "injured baitfish" it's not letting go.