Fin-S Shad
Fin-S Shad #01 Alewife
Lunker City's Fin-S Shad® combines a "chunky" body with a thinner, more active tail section to introduce a new profile and appearance the natural world of "soft-stick-baits" that was created with Lunker City's Slug-Go®, and enhanced with its Fin-S Fish® and Slug-Go SS®.
Available in 4 sizes and 13 naturalistic color patterns, the Fin-S Shad® is quickly proving a winner in a variety of applications.

The 1¾" size is ideal for panfish as well as stream smallmouth bass and trout. It's also proving to be a favorite among smallmouth and walleye anglers in heavily pressured, clear water lakes.

The 3¼" Fin-S Shad® is productive for smallmouth and spotted bass, in rivers and lakes, where it's fished on an unweighted hook, in traditional, soft-stick-bait fashion. See the hook-size/lure chart for details on which hook(s) to use with this lure. As a "grub" style bait on a LunkerGrip Fin-S Head, the 3¼" model is dynamite on all black bass, as well as walleye, white bass, and brown trout, while the 4 incher is quickly becoming the deep weed-edge specialist's best friend!

The 4" Fin-S Shad® is the do-anything/go-anywhere guy. It's equally at home fished weightless for shallow bass, on a Carolina Rig when bass move deep, or on a jighead for walleyes and stripers. In heavily pressured lakes where the fish have "...seen it all, one time too many..." try slipping a Lunker City Insert Weight™ in its nose and hooking it through the back, then casting this "wacky shad" rig around cover and jiggling it in place as it stands on its nose!

The 5" version is a hot bait among anglers prowling the shallow, cover-filled backwater areas for largemouth bass and northern pike, as well as for saltwater anglers chasing bluefish, striped bass, bonito, and just about any fish that eats other fish. Especially for Stripers, it's proven particularly deadly when combined with Lunker City's Saltwater model Fin-S LunkerGrip™ jig head. Made in USA

2 lb. plus crappie -- 1-3/4 in. Smelt Fin-S Shad on 1/16 oz. Fin-S Head

1-3/4 in. Bloody Mary Fin-S Shad

4-1/2 lb. Smallie -- 3-1/4 in. Alewife Fin-S Shad on 1/4 oz. Fin-S Head

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