Lunker City's Grubster™ is now available in three sizes!

The Grubster is a ringed, chubby bodied grub that shares its tail, its swimming action and its fish catching heritage with our SwimFish and Swimmin' Ribster. The 2.75" version is a smallmouth killer that's equally deadly on largemouth, walleye, sauger and perch and sea trout. It's even great on a small umbrella rig! The 4.25" size was designed for use as a swim bait, as a vibrating jig trailer and on umbrella rigs, as well as for deep water 'dragging' in cold water situations. The 2 incher is a killer on huge, slab crappies, big perch, river smallies and trout of all varieties.

The original, 2.75" Grubster was three years in development and field testing before being introduced. Over the next several years, we took what we learned with the little guy and applied it to a bigger, beefier version for heavier tackle and for predators with a bigger appetite, and to a smaller, "bite sized" version meant for panfish and trout, but equally effective on post frontal bass and walleye!

Designed and made from a special plastic formulation so the tail "works" at any speed, even with the lightest jighead. Swim it and the grubster mimics a small baitfish. Nudge it along the bottom and to the fish, it's a crawfish, molusk, nymph or goby. It's the go-to finesse bait the fish in your waters haven't seen yet!