You've never seen this much action in a straight tailed plastic worm before!

Hellgie #20 Red Shad The slightest shiver of the rod-tip sets off quivers and shimmies that work to convince gamefish that Hellgie is alive, helpless, and easy prey! Hellgies' tapered twin tails undulate seductively, and the hellgramite-inspired legs augment the illusion of life with a flourish of motion that helps draw the fish's attention to the "business end" of the lure. Fish the versatile Hellgies Texas or Carolina rigged, or on a LunkerGrip jig head or split shot rig. Its subtle, natural action is just the ticket for turned-off or over-pressured fish.

Made in USA
Hellgie on a jighead
7 inch hellgie on a Carolina Rig.
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The 3" Hellgie is the hottest artificial lure going in steelhead streams from Oregon to the Great Lakes! 3 inch Hellgie might just be the ultimate steelhead lure!