Lunker City On Line!
Lunker City's Slug-Go® has been selected among the top lure designs of all times by these authorities!
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New Size Fin-S Fish!

The new 3.5" size is already proving to be dynamite for smallmouth, walleye, sauger and white bass!

Check out our new hardware!

These are big, heavy duty heads with super strong, super sharp, Owner 3X hooks, made especially for throwing our largest baits -- the 7.5", 9" and 12" Slug-Gos along with the 10" Fin-S Fish and the 6" and 8" Shakers for big predators, from stripers and tuna to giant pike and musky!

Check out Herb Reed's innovative swimming, skipping & skimming jig design now!

A compact football head jig with a forged, black nickel hook, twin wire snag guards, and a lively, silicone skirt.

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