Tired of having your soft plastic baits worn out and torn up by your jig head instead of by the fish?

Or having to straighten your grub or worm after every other cast?

Get a Grip!

Better yet, get 2880 degrees of gripping power with LunkerGrip!

Eight conical grippers—each securing the bait for 360° around the collar instead of the total 10 to 15° offered by the one or two barbs or spurs found on the typical "worm holder" collar—hold plastic baits securely, without tearing, even through long periods of use, hooking, landing and unhooking fish, tearing free of weeds, etc. Yet unlike screw-in devices and complex clip mechanisms, the LunkerGrip doesn't interfere with quick and easy rigging, and doesn't tear the plastic. After one use, most serious fishermen will agree that the LunkerGrip is the jig-fishing equivalent of the proverbial "better mousetrap".

Lunker City has applied the LunkerGrip advantage to its InsertWeights -- internal weighting system for soft plastic lures, to 'self pegging' sinkers, and to an extensive lineup of jig heads. To check out each of these LunkerGrip enhanced fishing tools, just click the appropriate icon, below.

Jigheads Sinkers Insert Weights