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MudDog #20 Red Shad
Whether you're capitalizing on the female bass's instinct to attack water dogs, mud puppies and salamanders as natural enemies in the springtime or taking advantage of the proven superiority of the lizard style bait on a Carolina rig, the unique design of the MUD-DOG...the only lizard style bait with the HydroTail advantage...will help add pounds to your catch and excitement to your day!
MudDog #49 Rusty Melon Guy Giorgio with a 9-13 that at a black and blue MudDog!
Wide, ultra-thin leg and tail membranes based on our famous Hydro-Tail design, ripple at even the slowest speeds. The chunky, "pot-bellied" body shape maximizes water displacement vibration and provides a solid strike target amid the attention grabbing commotion of the wiggling legs and rippling tail. A belly-groove on the 9" model aids in Texposed and Texas style rigging to ensure solid hookups.
Made in USA