As great a fish catching freak bait as OzmoTM is right out of the bag, it's also designed with adjusting to conditions in mind. Morph this heavy salt content creature bait into whatever configuation you need to catch fish in the cover, depth and conditions you're faced with! Below are just some of the variations that our field staff has done well with.
OzmoTM "full boat" can be rigged Texas or Texposed style for Carolina and Texas rigging applications. We recommend a 3/0 Texposer® hook and 3/8 to 3/4 oz of weight for Flipping, and a 2/0 Texposer® for casting with lighter tackle and for Carolina rigging.
When less lure action is called for, in colder water or under post-frontal conditions, snipping off the twisting froglegs and going a step lighter on the sinker or jig weight will subdue OzmosTM action just enough, while retaining the great fish triggering profile and details.
With both the twisting tails legs and the heavy claws removed to put the visual emphasis on the wriggling and writhing slender, "antennae" style tails OzmoTM is a great finesse bait for drop shotting or shaking presentations.
Remove all the appendages except one of the twisting tails, and OzmoTM does extra duty as a great 5" worm!
Remove the head and gill section, along with the claws and (optionally) the antennas, and you've got a great, double tail grub, to be used as a super-active trailer on your favorite pitching or flipping jig!
In the cold water of late fall, "full-blown critter mode" with a heavy football style jighead like the HD Pro Weedless LunkerGrip model shown, is a great deep water probe.
OzmoTM the bug. rigged on a 1/16 to 1/4 ounce Lunkergrip jighead, This is variation will quickly become your go-to bait in sight fishing situations, as well as late in the season when something small and vulnerable squirming along the bottom is your fastest and surest ticket to a bass in the boat.