The most versatile jig on the market?

The PanHead is a Swimmin'/Skimmin'/Skippin' jig designed and proven to come over and through almost any cover bass live in. And to catch fish!

PanHead Swimming/Skipping/Skimming Jig

The PanHead's large, disk shaped planing surface keeps the bait higher in the water at slower speeds when reeled or pulled through the water with the rod. The water flow under and over the hydrofoil shape also creates pressure waves in the water behind it, adding a natural rippling action to your trailer of choice.

The disk shape also makes the panhead skip aross the surface like a flat stone when cast with a low angle of trajectory, and the built in planing action makes it a natural for skimming across or just under the surface, or over the top of weedbeds that top out a few inches beneath the surface.

When the retrieve is hesitated then restarted, the action of the jig, skirt and trailer is unequalled by any other jig design.

3/8oz PanHead Jig Color Chart
Click color chip for full image
Green Pumpkin Black/Blue Sapphire Chartreuse Shad Bream White Shad
3/8oz, 4/0 Hook -- $4.49 ea.
97024 97150 97207 97208 97312
3/4oz, 4/0 Hook -- $4.49 ea.
97204 97205 97202 97203 97206
1oz, 5/0 Hook -- $4.79 ea.
97221 97222 97223 97224 97225
Jim Boyne with a 7-4 taken on a PanHEad Jig