Back by popular demand!

PiggyBack #17 Black Pumpkin

The jig trailer with a cult following! Big fish specialists from around the country asked for the return of our PiggyBack trailer, and here it is! Made in the original molds and in the colors the big fish specialists demanded.

Many of the PiggyBack advantages are obvious...They don't dry out. They allow for a selection of vivid, natural colors, including laminates, flecks and translucents. They are easily trimmed and can be color customized with simple permanent marking pens.

Other advantages might not be as obvious until you've fished with them. The exclusive planing flange and the angled belly contour increase lift on the swim, and when dragged across bottom or structure the angled belly countour bumps the bottom and sends subtle ripples though the tails, helping to create that all important illusion of life. PiggyBacks can be 'hung' on a jig like a pork trailer, or 'threaded' on like a plastic bait, altering the size, action, and the illusion of bulk, to more easily match the presentation fish might prefer under different circumstances. The biggest advantage though, is simple...PiggyBacks catch more bass. Especially big bass!

Made in USA