Introducing the most versatile finesse worm on the planet!

The ringed body style allows a worm to project the appearance of a fat body, as the outer diameter of the rings defines the lure's appearance, while the substantially smaller diameter of the worm's core allows flexibility impossible to attain in a worm as fat as the worm appears to be. But traditionally, worms with a ringed body style have been limited in their rigging versatility by the narrow diameter of the body core. Start poking hooks and jigheads into and through that small diameter core, and you end up with worms that tear or simply refuse to stay rigged the way they are supposed to.

Enter the Ribster™! 4.5" of wriggling, squirming, fish catching action!

First and foremost, the Ribster is a drop shot worm.

But by design, it's much more than that!

The key to the Ribster's rigging versatility is the bulk of the front 2 inches or so of the bait. It doesn't get torn up by the hook and/or jighead, so you can rig it on a variety of hardware, and have a bait that stays rigged straight through the rigors of putting it into the places bass are likley to live. Whether it's on a shakey head, traditional jighead or Texas rigged, the Ribster is ready. And with its super slinky tail section and a cupped willow leaf tail that sashays seductively on the sink and wags energetically on the pull, it's designed to consistently catch the fish you put it near!

Capt. John Kolbeck with a walleye taken on a jighead rigged Ribster
Simon Nicol with a 9-6 Zander taken drop shotting an Arkansas Shiner RibsterChris King with a 12-3/4 pound Florida victim of the Watermelon Red Flake Ribster!