Big Slug-Gos on tandem hook rigs have become the hot setup for cow sized striped bass along the northeast coastline in recent years. But pike and musky fishermen know a good thing when they see it, as do big bass specialists fishing for giant largemouth bass in California, Florida, Mexico and Texas.
Untold numbers of huge fish have been caught on tandem rigged 9" Slug-Gos over the past few years. But rigging them straight is an art, and way too many Slug-Gos have been ruined trying to get the hooks and braided leader installed properly. Worse yet, many anglers settle for baits that are rigged twisted or bent. Baits that will never perform properly in the water, because of the way they are rigged. That's why the demand for factory made, pre-rigged Slug-Gos got started, and why we invested in developing techniques and equipment to build these baits properly. And while we were at it, we built the new 12 inch model that striper fishermen have been clamoring for!
The hooks are strong, black nickel, needle point. The 9" bait comes with a 7/0 nose hook and a 5/0 rear hook. The 12" features a 9/0 up front and a 7/0 out back. The connection is 50 pound dacron. And the bait is molded onto the rig, rather than the rig being threaded into the bait. These baits start straight and stay straight. The rigging is far more durable than hand rigging, and the hooks are always in the right place.

And of course, with the tail hook, they hook the fish that don't have perfect aim, or aren't aggressive enough to go for the head of a big bait.