The SaladSpoon™ marries the best features of a surface spoon, a soft plastic lure and a buzz bait, into one exciting lure!

Rigged on the appropriate offset shank hook, the SaladSpoon™ casts easily, yet its soft-plastic body enters the water with a gentle plunk and its hydrodynamic planing shape keeps it at the top on the slowest retrieve.

Salad Spoon catches big bass from heavy cover!

Unlike hollow plastic "rodent baits", the SaladSpoon™ incorporates a wide, action tail that flaps and slaps at the surface on the retrieve, creating a tantalizing ruckus that fish respond to more readily than the steady, mechanical drone of a buzz bait. And with no spinning blade to foul with moss and algae, the SaladSpoon™ gurgles right into and through bass-filled areas that stop normal buzz baits in their tracks. Milfoil, lily pads, reed beds, brush, even giant globs of semi-submerged "angel hair" algae...the SaladSpoon™ comes through without a hang. If a bass can swim there, so can the SaladSpoon™!

Being a soft plastic bait, the SaladSpoon™ also allows a much greater hooking ratio than buzzbaits other presentations designed to working the top in heavy cover. Fish grab it and swim away with it, instead of slapping at it or striking and rejecting it. When one does miss it — just stop reeling — you've already got a soft plastic "follow-up" lure in position!
Salad spoon in the water chestnut

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