How to rig the
Using an offset shank style hook ( 3/0 Texposer™ recommended), insert the point into the 'nose' of the lure, about 3/8" — until the barb is completely buried in the plastic, but not quite to the beginning of the bend.

Rotate the point downward, so that it exits the lure body on the bottom (round side) just ahead of the belly groove.

Rotate the hook 180° as you slide it though the bait, so that the hook point ends up aimed at the lure, rather than away from it.

With the hook fully rotated toward the body, snug the nose of the lure over the "Z" bend behind the eye of the hook. If you're using the proper size hook and brought it out the bottom of the lure in the 'perfect' spot, the knot should be just outside the lure. Nestle the point into the bottom groove and note where the "Vertical Gap Bend" of the Texposer hook lines up.

Push the hook point straight through the lure at the point the vertical gap bend aligns. When done, the lure should rig as shown, with the hook point resting just above and partially inside the protection groove in the lure's back, and most of the hook shank inside the belly groove.