Catch the Big One!

Accept no imitations!
Sports Afield's #6 best lure of all time!
Sports Afield's 25 best striper surf lures!
Wired2Fish's 20 Most Influential Bass Lures

Now available in 7 sizes!
3" — 4" — 4½"
6" — 7½" — 9" — 12"

9" & 12" models are also now available
in a pre-rigged, tandem hook version!

The lure that started the soft stick bait revolution!

6 inch Slug-Go color # 01, Alewife on 5/0 Texposer hook

Slug-Go® is precision balanced to produce the erratic, injured prey action that draws instinctive strikes from all predatory fish.

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Made in USA

12.5 lb false albacore -- 4.5 inch Slug-Go

Herb Reed's Original Slug-Go® is available in 7 sizes, from 3" to 12", to whet the appetite of gamefish of all sizes, from bass to musky, skipjack to tarpon. Choose from a selection of colors that ranges from ultra-natural imitations of a wide assortment of baitfish to high-visibility colors that ensure both you and the fish know where your lure is at all times.

See the hook-size/lure chart for details on which hook(s) to use with Slug-Go®.

Capt. Jim White with a 7.5inch Slug-Go catch.

Capt. Jim White with a 7.5inch Slug-Go catch.

Pike and any fish that eats other fish will attack Slug-Go® with abondon!  Rigged 'Texposed' style, Slug-Go fishes through bass holding cover with ease