Now available in six sizes

3.25" -- 3.75" -- 4.5" -- 6" -- 7" -- 8"

Whether the target species is bluefish and stripers along the Northeastern coastline, seatrout and redfish farther south, or west coast calico bass, the salt water fishing community has made our Fin-S Fish® a tacklebox staple, and has clamored for a swimming tail baitfish to complement the forked tail design of the Fin-S Fish® But we weren't about to add just any old swimming tail design to our line, just to say we have one.

TheShaker® is the product of several years of designing, prototyping, tank testing, field testing and design tweaking. It marries the heart and soul of the Fin-S Fish® with best swimming tail action you've ever seen, and is molded in a special, extra-durable plastic formulated for the rigors of salt water fishing, yet soft enough to produce the subtle tail that shimmy fish like walleyes and bass eagerly respond to in fresh water. The 4½" lure is designed to mate perfectly with the 4/0 hook series of LunkerGripTM Heavy Duty Pro Fin-S® heads. The 3¼" version fits both the light tackle and 2/0 hook models of the same series, as well as the standard light tackle Fin-S heads. The 8" Shaker mates to our new heavy duty ShakerHead jighead, featuring incredible, 9/0 & 11/0 Owner 3X hooks!

The Shaker's® tail action is unique. Instead of just the wobbling tail common to such lures, the The Shaker® features action that 'swims' the whole body with a side-to-side roll as well as maxmizing the shimmy of the tail. Field testing has proven this action to be incredibly effective with the consumers whose votes should count the most -- bass, blues, weakfish, redfish, pike, walleye and their assorted finny relatives.