Now with Heavy Salt!

Designed from the ground up to be the ultimate wacky rig worm, the SpankyTM is now made with a special plastic formula loaded with the heaviest salt concentration in the industry!

The basic wacky rig is as simple as slipping a hook through the lure, right in the middle. That's why the 'bulb' is located where it is on the SpankyTM. Just cast it near a dock, a stump, the edge of a weed bed or some other likely bass holding cover and let it sink naturally. Give it a gentle twitch or two as it sinks to alternately flex the lure in the middle and let it straighten itself out. With its bulbous ends and exclusive 'center-flex' design, the SpankyTM maximizes the typical wacky worm 'U' action. If the lure reaches bottom unmolested by a bass or other predator, let it sit for a few moments before twitching it back to life.

The addition of salt doesn't mean that stategically weighting your offering doesn't still have its time and place.

  • A Lunker City Insert Weight TM or Wacky WeightTM can be inserted into one end of the lure. This gives the lure a 'diving' action on the sink, alternating with a wiggling, swimming movement on the twitch.
  • A BellyWeight can be added to the shank of the hook, or a plain jighead can be sustituted for the unweighted hook. This provides the opposite action of the end weighted option.
  • Rig the lure standard wacky style, and crimp a split shot to the line, a few inches to a few feet from the hook to take the standard wacky rig action deeper into the fish's world.
  • The SpankyTM can be rigged wacky style on a drop shot rig. This might be the most effective wacky rig option of all! With the drop shot weight on bottom and the slightest bit of slack inthe line, shiver the rod tip to make the lure flex in place, right in front of a fish's face.

Spanky'sTM versatility doesn't stop there! It's also great rigged like a conventional worm, either Texposed or Texas style.

RichZ skipped a Texas rigged #144 Spanky under the tree limbs for this bass.

We recommend a 3/0 TexposerTM hook for conventional rigging, whether uneweighted or behind a slip sinker or on a carolina rig. The unique action afforded by the center-flex design and throbbing, club-like tail gives fish a totally different set of strike triggers than the traditional swimming or flat tail design, and puts fish in the boat when "nothing" is working!"