Slug-Go SS

Even if you're an old hand with the original Slug-Go®, the options and versatility offered by the SS will excite you. It's slinkier, squirmier action accentuates the "alive but struggling" quality that triggers gamefish.

See the hook-size/lure chart for details on which hook(s) to use with this lure.

Split shot or Carolina rig it and that supple tail will dance seductively in response every pebble or twig you bounce the weight across.

Slug-Go SS -- #6 Arkansas Shiner and #22 Red Shad

Texas rigged with a LunkerGrip™ Sinker, the SS comes through dense vegetation better than any plastic worm you've ever used.

Hang a 7" Slug-GoSS on a LunkerGrip Head or your favorite "shaky" style jighead and shiver the rod tip. The action of the long, slithery tail is sensational.

To cover water quickly, try a Slug-GoSS™ rigged swimmin' worm style, on a Stitchin' Hook with a swivel a foot or two up the line.

Made in USA

To work a specific spot as slowly and enticingly as possible, or to work an uptempo, "twitch & dive" routine, try a wacky rigged SS. From the basic rig with an Insert Weight™ in the SS' nose and a Stitchin' Hook in its back, to the ultimate wacky rig, with a Lunker Grip Wacky Weight in the nose and the "straight gap bend" of the Texposer™ acting as a hinge, the Slug-Go SS's undulating, slithering motion is more than the bass can stand.

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The ultimate wacky rig!