Hooks & weights for 'stitching'
Stitching is the specialized technique perfected by the late big bass specialist Bill Murphy — designer of Lunker City's MuscleWorm — for precisely tracing the bottom with his lures while moving them at the dead-slow speeds he used to trigger bites from the biggest bass. Murphy felt that to maximize success with the technique required soft, round split shot and strong, beaked hooks.
Stitching Hook

The Stitchin' hook's kirbed design forces the point out of the plastic on the hookset. The barbs on the shank 'catch' bottom debris without snagging, and send a strike inducing quiver up the MuscleWorm as they pop free when tension is increased.

These strong, sharp hooks are also ideal for wacky rigging, for "swim rigging" a Slug-GoSS, and for general all around use.
This soft split shot won't damage monofilament line, and its round (no ears) shape reduces hangups and line twist common to 'removable' shot. Round Split Shot
Bill Murphy recommended crimping the shot on the line before attaching the hook, then sliding it back and forth over the first foot or so of the line, to wear the hole in the round shot, but not so much as to make it fit loosely. Then slide it up the line another couple feet, and clip off the foot or so that you've been using the wear in the shot before tying on the hook.
In Pursuit of Giant Bass Get all the details on stitching and on all Murphy's big fish tips and techniques in his widely acclaimed book, "In Pursuit of Giant Bass", available from Lunker City Fishing Specialties.