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The Ultimate Offset Hook

The perfect hook for soft stick-baits and all "Texposed" rig fishing — the Professional Grade, Texposer™!

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The Texposer™ was voted the BEST HOOK of the American Sportfishing Association's 1998 ICAST show — the leading trade show in the fishing industry — by an independent panel of fishing authorities, outdoor writers and expert anglers. Nearly two decades later, it remains a favorite of just about everyone who has fished with it!

Top quality all the way, including an incredible, chemically sharpened, needle point, perfect barb and "slippery slick" black nickel finish. Still, it's the unique shape of the Texposer™ that sets it apart ... in particular, the "vertical gap bend" and the reverse angle of the offset. When you hook a fish on the Texposer®, odds are, that fish is coming into the boat. They simply can't shake the Texposer®!

Texposer® Features:

  • 85 bend keeps lure rigged through heavy use
  • Vertical gap bend for easy, straight rigging that stays straight in use, and provides a natural pivot for the lure to flex on
  • Correct length to balance soft stick baits
  • Chemically sharpened needle point and "slippery smooth" black nickel finish ensure hook setting ease.
  • Computer designed angles and curves create a unique shape that resists 'backing out'. Fish get hooked and stay hooked!
  • Extra long point shaft helps keep fish "stuck" once they're hooked.
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