Lunker City Trailer Bait
Tomato Trailerbait on a Red Spinnerbait is hotter in Texas than Chilli!Trailer Bait™ features twin, flat sided tails that ripple seductively on a straight retrieve. Its ample body won't tear and split when rigged on even the stoutest spinnerbait hook, making it the perfect trailer for your favorite spinnerbait, buzzbait or spoon.
Trailer Bait on a spinnerbait
Green Pumpkin (24) Trailer Bait on a hair jig It's also a super trailer on a hair jig for smallies, or on a living rubber jig when the fish show a preference for something longer and more supple than a chunk style trailer. Trailer Bait is also extremely productive on a split shot rig or plain lead head...especially for smallmouth and spotted bass.
Webmaster with a 'patriotic' bass that hit a blue/white spinnerbait with a Tomato red TrailerBaitMade in USA