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Ball + Darter
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Shape Quantity
Ball 10
Weedless 4
Darter 10

The classic, round head jig, with the added advantage of the patent pending, LunkerGrip™ bait anchoring system.  Standard series head features sharp, high quality, bronzed wire hook.

Weedless LunkerGrip heads are equipped with the Professional Grade, needle-point, chemically sharpened hook, and sport a twin 'cable guard' that can be spread into as wide a V as the angler prefers or conditions dictate, to protect the hook point from contact with structure.

The clean, bullet-shaped Darter head features our LunkerGrip™ that won't split the end of skinny worms, but will positively hold up even over-sized worms. This technique/ jig head will make it look like it's all one unit instead of a bullet trailing a worm.