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Shape Sizes Quantity
Lead Free 1/4 5
HD Pro 1/8-3/8 4
1/2-1oz 3
Weedless 1/16-3/8 4
1/2-1oz 3
Standard 1/16-1/4 10
3/8-1/2 7
3/4-1oz 5

Standard series head features sharp, high quality, bronzed wire hook. 

Standard Pro features a professional  grade, needle point, chemically sharpened hook.

Weedless football heads are equipped with the Professional Grade, needle-point, chemically sharpened hook, and sport a twin 'cable guard' that can be spread into as wide a V, to protect the hook point from contact with structure.

Heavy Duty Weedless Pro Grade: For those anglers who fish jig & plastic on heavier tackle and want a sturdier hook. The forged, hook features a 'slippery-smooth' black nickel finish and the same incredibly sharp, chemically honed, needle point as our patented Texposer™ Professional Grade Offset Hook.

Lead Free : In response to the growing demand for lead free fishing products. Lunker City is pleased to introduce our lead free football head. Molded of bismuth, it’s environmentally friendly and harder than lead, it adds increased sensitivity when it bumps the bottom.