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Fin-S JigHeads
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Shape Quantity
L.T. Fin-S 10
Std. Fin-S 10
Salt Fin-S 2/0 5
Salt Fin-S 4/0 2
Salt Fin-S 7/0 2


A favorite of both freshwater and saltwater anglers, the Fin-S head pairs perfectly with Lunker City's popular Fin-S Fish®. Whether you use it with a darting, high energy retrieve, or a laid-back, slow, smooth, swimming action, the natural appearance of a Fin-S Fish®/Fin-S Head combination is too much for any self-respecting gamefish to ignore! 

Standard series head features sharp, high quality, bronzed wire hook.

Light Tackle Saltwater Fin-S Head features a corrosion resistant, 3/0 black nickel Mustad hook, selected specifically for use with light line and lighter action saltwater rods.

2/0 Saltwater Fin-S was created for use with the 4", 5" and 5-3/4 inch Fin-S Fish® on light tackle, by anglers who want the security of a forged hook for bigger fish like striped bass, bluefish and permit. Both sizes feature a forged, 2/0, corrosion resistant, saltwater hook, and of course our exclusive, LunkerGrip™ bait securing system.

4/0 Saltwater Fin-S this is the jighead for casting the 5-3/4 inch and 7 inch Fin-S Fish® from the beach, pier or jetty for stripers, cobia and calico kelp bass. But it's also been adopted by lake trout fishermen, who vertically jig with the 5-3/4" Fin-S Fish® in deep water, and by anglers casting for tarpon, who often mate this jig to a 6" or 9" Slug-Go®

7/0 Saltwater Fin-S, the big one! Designed with the 10" Fin-S Fish® in mind, this head has also gained fans among anglers plumbing the depths with the 5-3/4" Fin-S Fish® and 9" Slug-Go®. 7/0, forged, plated hook does the job on even hard-mouthed fish like Tarpon.